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We will travel anywhere for your wedding, this shot taken at Trump Hotel Las Vegas.

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Photography as changed dramatically over the last ten years, with the emergence of the smart phone everyone thinks they are a photographer.

The Smart Phone photographer aquires a Digital SLR, purchases a couple of cheap flashlights and suddenly they are doing weddings for the Bride that is looking for the cheaper option and really not to bothered about the photography service.

If you are that Bride, then your welcome to the part time photographer! we just want the Brides that are looking for the best quality and just love having there picture taken so if you want a professional approach then we are here for you.


Steve Lee & Will Durocher Photographers provide the quality photography needed for our wedding clients.

We have the correct high end equipment, a studio, a full team of photographers, design and post production facilities and the knowledge to create what is needed to make the ultimate wedding imagery.

Our wedding photography is like a production shoot with added lighting and a lot of great ideas. We capture the natural reportage style shots via a second and sometimes third photographer, leaving the main photographer directing the key shots needed for our style of photography and to create and record your big day.

Two For One

Steve Lee has made a succesful life long career from Photography with Studios in the UK and Las Vegas USA. Photographing many stars in TV, Sports and Entertainment. Creating an experience that can only be gained by a lifetime of photography at this level. At the same time keeping up with the latest technology in cameras and lighting.

Working alongside Steve is Photographer Will Durocher who brings a young approach and a style that compliments everything we do at Red Box, together the two of them create the magic that will make your wedding story into a fairytale. 



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